Crazy 'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Theory About Charles Actually Makes Sense

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' - It's the beginning of all the answers with the biggest 'A' reveal ever (#B
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' - It's the beginning of all the answers with the biggest 'A' reveal ever (#BigAReveal) in 'Welcome to the Dollhouse,' the explosive season finale of ABC Family's hit original series 'Pretty Little Liars,' premiering Tuesday, March 24th (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). (Ron Tom/ABC Family via Getty Images)

"Pretty Little Liars" returns for its sixth season on June 2, and hopefully fans will get some answers. It's been a long game of Guess Who trying to uncover the mysterious identity of Charles. So, who had it right all along?

One particular theory is holding our attention: That Charles is ... wait for it ...



Though not every single tenet holds up, this theory posted by Dnewt on the "PLL" Wikia theories board does incorporate many of the series' loose ends.

The main points:

Firstly, that Charles is the child of Mr. Dilaurentis and Marion Cavanaugh, who was sent away as a child to cover up his parents' affair. (Maybe ... to England?) Marion enters Radley soon after, due to the effects that decision had on her psyche. When Mrs. Dialaurentis starts working there, she puts two and two together and ends up instigating Marion's fall.

The theory suggests Bethany saw it happen, leading Mrs. Dilaurentis to have to cozy up to her to convince her that things didn't go down as she remembered. Ali becomes jealous of the attention her mother pays to Bethany, inspiring her to put in motion the events of the yellow shirt night that led to Bethany's death.

The theory suggests Wren entered the Rosewood circle in the first place to learn information about his roots. After he finds out about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Marion's fall, he wants to enact revenge on those he believes were involved.

Why this theory has captured our attention:

Wren is kind of random, but pops up quite a lot! This would also explain why Wren gets close to Melissa, then Spencer, and Hanna -- besides being a total creepster. He's moving in on whoever can break him into the inner circle.

Also, as Reddit user redwildcherry7 points out, Wren and Charles both have "Love Thy Neighbor" posters in their living spaces! (See Charles' poster and Wren's poster.)


So, even if this particular explanation of who Charles' parents are/where he came from doesn't hold up, this poster clue does point to a connection between Wren and Charles in some way.

Why this theory has some holes:

According to the recent hint dropped by show creator I. Marlene King on Instagram, the Patsy Cline lyric "Crazy for feeling so lonely," is a major "PLL" clue. This, along with the series-long importance of Radley Sanitarium, has led many fans to speculate that Charles is a member of the DiLaurentis family, who was placed in Radley at a young age and is jealous of Ali and the liars' lives from his place of isolation.

If Charles had spent most of his youth in Radley, this wouldn't appear to line up with the theory that he is Wren, who has worked there as a volunteer. However, Marlene King has also hinted that we've met Charles before, so maybe Wren or a character we know has a secret past in the institution? Either way, Wren's connection to Radley in general could be telling.


Luckily, we're finally entering the #SummerofAnswers, which means the Wren/Charles theory will be revealed soon enough ... well, one can hope.

Happy viewing!



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