56 Questions We Still Have After Watching The 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale

Most importantly, are the moms still in the basement?

The "Pretty Little Liars" summer of answers ended with a bang Tuesday night, and while it certainly delivered on its promise (we finally found out who A was!), we're still left with a ton of questions following the mid-season finale. If there's one thing we've learned about this show (which has taken over our lives for the past five and a half years) it's that we can't always get everything we ask for.

Here we go -- SPOILERS AHEAD!
  1. Are the moms still in the basement?
  2. Who Killed Mrs. D?
  3. What brought Mrs. Grunwald to Allie's grave that night?
  4. Was that scholarship Hanna got real?
  5. Why were CeCe, Alison and Bethany all wearing the same yellow shirt?
  6. How did CeCe meet Sara Harvey?
  7. And was her time in the dollhouse just an act?
  8. Did CeCe torture her too?
  9. Where did CeCe get all the medical equipment in the dollhouse?
  10. And who taught her how to perform surgery well enough to put chips in the girls' necks?
  11. Was it Wren?
  12. What ever happened to Wren?
  13. Is he actually a doctor?
  14. How did CeCe get her own cellular network?
  15. Who was Leslie Stone?!
  16. Why was she even on this show?
  17. Was Tanner in on the whole thing?
  18. Or is she just a horrible detective/cop? (She let Toby be a cop ... so maybe we've already answered that one.)
  20. What happened to Jason and Mr. D?
  21. Were they just left there on the ground paralyzed?
  22. Where was Jason when he was supposed to be in rehab?
  23. What's the deal with those creepy twins that kept appearing?
  24. And what about the Dance Moms kid and her creepy dance?
  25. How does the NAT club fit into all this?
  26. Who killed Garrett?
  27. Did Ian really kill himself?
  28. If not, who killed him?
  29. What are Noel Kahn's secrets?
  30. Who drugged Emily the night she dug up the grave?
  31. And whose grave was it, actually?
  32. What happened at the Penn frat party that Ali took the girls to?
  33. Where is Eddie Lamb?
  34. What did Ali do for the years she disappeared?
  35. Is Wilden actually dead?
  36. And what about Sydney?
  37. What was the point of her character on the show?
  38. Is Ezra ever going to write his book?
  39. Why do the girls just forget he stalked them for like THREE SEASONS?
  40. What's the deal with Holbrook?
  41. Was Lucas ever actually bad?
  42. Where's Lucas been anyways?
  43. Was Andrew Campbell really not involved at all?
  44. And what was the deal with his family's apple farm?
  45. What was in the barrel in the storage unit?
  46. What will become of Mona?
  47. And why were all the guys absent?
  48. Weren't they all at prom with the liars?
  49. Why do they all go back to Rosewood five years later?
  50. Did Ali get married?
  51. Is Lorenzo Mr. Rollins?
  52. Or did she just change her name?
  53. Why would she even stay in Rosewood?
  54. Did she go to college too?
  55. Who is the "he" they seem so afraid of?

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