'Pretty Little Liars': Melissa Reveals The Truth About Detective Wilden (VIDEO)

Melissa revealed the truth about Detective Wilden to Spencer on the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars." Well, kind of. When Spencer confronted her about helping Wilden, she said that it wasn't her. In fact, she said, none of them helped him. They were afraid of him.

“Wilden was blackmailing you all because of it," Spencer theorized.

“Wilden wasn’t that smart," Melissa countered. "Somebody was telling him what to do.” She went on to say that it was Wilden who started the fire that burned down the lodge. Jenna and Shana were there, but they didn't start it. They saw Wilden do it.

“Probably the bigger bombshell is that apparently Melissa's been protecting Spencer the whole time. Hmm," wrote Zap2It of the episode. "Jenna and Shana were at the lodge, they saw Wilden set the fire. But someone else (Red Coat?) pulled everybody out ... [and] ‘A’ absolves her of being on the A Team.”

Over at Hollywood Life, though, Andy swift wants more answers. He wrote, "Can we all just agree that Melissa ... is ‘A,’ and call it a day already? The July 2 episode of Pretty Little Liars painted the elder Hastings sister to be guiltier than ever ... So is Melissa the reason Wilden’s now floating in Hot Detective Heaven? Spencer sure thinks so ...”

Things remain clear as mud on "Pretty Little Liars," Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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