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'Pretty Woman' Is Heading To Broadway

Twenty four years ago Julia Roberts stole the hearts of Americans everywhere as Vivian Ward, a Hollywood prostitute with the curliest locks to ever hit the silver screen. "Pretty Woman," one of the defining rom-coms of the nineties, taught us all valuable lessons about the importance of true love, being yourself and shaming snooty salespeople in public.

The New York Post first reported the news last week, disclosing Marshall's plans to work with the film's screenwriter J.F. Lawton and film and theater producer Paula Wagner for the stage adaptation. The musical plans have since been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.

According to multiple sources, Marshall is in New York this month meeting with potential composers, lyricists and directors to help adapt the $500 million blockbuster. Many are comparing the film's format to rags-to-riches stories like "Pygmalion" and its adapted musical version "My Fair Lady," guessing that "Pretty Woman's" similar storyline will make it a roaring success.

(There's also Broadway's history of dramatizing forms of prostitution -- see "Sweet Charity," "Les Mis" and "The Sweetest Little Whorehouse In Texas," among others.)

In case you're wondering why no one thought of this before -- someone had! The Post also reported on the project's possibility in 2001, that time with Marshall and former Disney exec Peter Schneider. We're hoping this time around the happy couple actually makes it from the streets of Beverly Hills to the Broadway stage. No word on a timeline for the show, so stay tuned for more details.

"Pretty Woman" is the latest of a string of iconic cult films slated to receive theater makeovers. "Heathers" and "The Princess Bride" are two other pop culture savvy productions in the works. Plus, we're all keeping our fingers crossed for "Mean Girls: The Musical."

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