Prevent Glasses From Breaking In The Dishwasher With Rubber Bands (PHOTO)

Say goodbye to worry about broken glasses.

Have you ever filled your dishwasher with beautiful stemware only to hear the glass shake about when the cycle starts? Yeah, the sound can be pretty nerve-wracking. And although cleaning them by hand would be less stressful, it's also more work. That's why we were so happy when we found this new use for rubber bands from Real Simple that will help prevent your glasses from breaking in the dishwasher.

Simply place the cup in the rack and stretch a rubber band around it and over the spokes, making sure the glass is tethered securely to the machine. Sounds a little confusing, huh? It's really not. BlogHer featured a post by My Perfect Mess, who said it was a "brillant" trick. Our own editor tried this at home, too.

prevent glasses from breaking

So, there you have it: You no longer have to worry about filling your appliance with expensive flutes or glasses after a long night. Head over to Real Simple for more information. And be sure to click through our slideshow for other great tips.

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