Prevent Razor Burn And Bumps From Ruining Your Bikini Moment (VIDEO)

Hair removal methods are a hot topic here at the office. Whether it's trying an at-home waxing treatment, smoothing on stinky depilatory creams or enduring intense eyebrow threading, getting rid of unwanted hair sure isn't easy, no matter how many options we have. And on top of cutting down all the stubble, there's dealing with the trauma it does to our skin, like razor burn and bumps.

In the video above, Dr. Andrew Ordon of television series "The Doctors" shares his tips on how to prevent unsightly redness and treat breakouts along the bikini line. The plastic surgeon recommends washing the area with a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid as it kills bacteria, then apply an antibiotic ointment after shaving. To reduce pain and inflammation, Dr. Ordon suggests whipping up an oatmeal paste or dabbing on a little sour cream. But be sure to keep these homemade remedies far away from your lady parts.

What do you think about the doctor's orders? Would you ever treat razor burn with oatmeal or sour cream? Tell us in the comments section.

Meanwhile, click through the slideshow below for seven treatments and tools to keep things smooth "down there."

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