Previously, On The 2008 Election

Previously, On The 2008 Election

Well, at some point tonight, we'll finally come to the end of the 2008 Election Cycle, with actual, definitive, final results. You know, maybe. Fingers crossed, everyone! We could still end up with a 269-269 tie. Nate Silver has that outcome at 0.18%, so, if you're looking for an insane gamble to take that could pay off your subprime mortgage and set yourself up nicely with a Caribbean compound of your own to spend the rest of the days of your life in, that's the bet I'd make.

It's been a year and a half of election coverage. So many sights that we'll never be able to unsee. So many attack ads that still haunt our dreams. So many memories that need purging. But maybe you're just joining us today or something, and you have no idea what all the hubbub is about! For those of you who find yourself completely clueless, I've endeavored to recap the entire election season for you, in two videos, using notes I scribbled on one hundred index cards, and commentary pulled from my ass on the fly.

In Part One, we move from me not remembering Bill Richardson's name (in the moment, I swear, I thought his first name was Dennis), to the pundit's early predictions, to John McCain's primary victory, to the Math vs. Momentum deadlock that embroiled the Democratic race.

And, in Part Two, we roll from Obama's primary victory to forsaken town halls, attack ads, conventions, veeps and debates, culminating in the emergence of the Great Destroyer, the Devourer Of Worlds, Satan's Mongrel...a man that I like to call Joe The Plumber. NONE SHALL ESCAPE HIS CLUELESS, UNEMPLOYED WRATH OR HIS RECORD DEAL.

As you'll see, reliving the entire past year gets pretty tiring near the end, but it still feels good to get all of this angst out of my system. I think you'll enjoy it, too, for that reason!

With thanks to Liz Glover and Nikolas Schiller. We look forward to waking up tomorrow, and finding something new to talk about.

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