Hurricane Sandy Gas Prices Hit $20 Per Gallon On Craigslist (PHOTOS)

Sure, the lines are long, but is gas really worth $20 a gallon? If you take a look at Craigslist these days, you'd think so.

New York and New Jersey residents are selling hurricane supplies like gasoline, generators and hotel rooms online for outrageously high prices, indicating that some affected by Hurricane Sandy might be willing to pay up.

Alleged price manipulation has proven controversial, with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office accusing 65 local businesses of illegally gouging. But there are some, like Fox News personality John Stossel, who argue that politicians complaining about price gouging don’t understand the basic economic principle of supply and demand.

Of course, the average price of gasoline in New York is about $3.95 per gallon, but some people apparently feel it's worth the extra money to avoid hours in line and out of work.

Check out some of the wildest Craigslist postings below (all identifiable information has been redacted):

5 Gallons For $100

Price Gouging Ads

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