'Price Is Right' Contestant Breaks Plinko Record, Loses His Mind In The Process

The price is so right.

It’s not every day you can lead a chant of your own name. 

In fact, don’t do that. That should never happen. The one exception is if your name is Ryan and you’re breaking the Plinko record. 

On Thursday’s episode of “The Price is Right,” contestant Ryan Belz got the chance to play Plinko, and the guy made the most of it. The contestant’s chips landed in the $10,000 slot three times, and he ended up with a total of $31,500.

For those who don’t know “Price is Right” history off the top of your head, host Drew Carey said that’s a new Plinko record.

And Belz lost his mind the whole time.

If you weren’t aware, Belz is somewhat of a “Price is Right” fan. You know, somewhat ...

In a video on TMZ, the contestant said he’s such a fanatic of the show that he scheduled his classes at Penn State around “Price is Right” so he could watch. Belz even has an impression of the “Price is Right” announcer George Gray.

He said he’s not allowed to appear on the show for another 10 years now, but added, “10 years, mark my word, you know where I’ll be.”



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