This Could Be The Luckiest 'Price Is Right' Contestant Ever

And that's how it's done, people.

Monday's "The Price Is Right" ended in stunning fashion as the last contestant of the day, Ma Ghina Lorca, amazingly swept all the games and "[cleaned] up out of nowhere," as host Drew Carey put it.

After Lorca was called from the audience, she immediately got the closest bid on a new fireplace and went to the stage. There, she won an ATV and motorcycle in Squeeze Play. That'd probably be enough for some contestants, but Lorca was just getting warmed up. At the wheel, she landed on the dollar twice, winning $26,000. Her opponent in the Showcase Showdown didn't even stand a chance. Lorca bid within $679 of the actual retail price on her showcase, taking home new bikes, a trip to Vienna and a brand new car.

In all, Lorca won more than $59,000 in cash and prizes after perhaps one of the most amazing rounds of "The Price Is Right" ever played.

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