'The Price Is Right' Contestants Freak Out After All Hitting A Dollar

These dance moves are so right.

Drew Carey, you might want to retire. 

It’s been a great run, dude. You’ve made an admirable effort on “The Price Is Right” after Bob Barker left, but it’s doubtful any moment is ever going to top the miracle that just happened — or the dance moves that followed.

Three “Price is Right” contestants have done the impossible on Monday’s show. Cathryn, Manfred, and Jessica bravely approached the wheel to try to make it into the final Showcase, and each walked away having spun a dollar. All three of them did it with two spins, instantly winning $1,000 each.

Uproxx claimed the contestants made history, since this basically never happens, but the celebrations were just as historic.

Cathryn got things started by spinning a dollar and then doing some of the greatest moves perhaps ever witnessed on television. Until now, it wasn’t confirmed that any person could even move in this way:

Next came Manfred, who reportedly would go on to win a cruise and a car during the final Showcase. Manfred also apparently likes to break out the jump squats when he’s excited.

Then there’s Jessica, who brought it in for a hug. And that’s how you get to be BFFs for life.

Sure, you don’t normally go around hugging strangers you’re competing against on a game show, but if this price is wrong, we don’t want to know what’s right.

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