'Price Is Right' Model Breaks The Set In Hilarious Fail

Eh ... not quite model behavior.

One "Price is Right" model thinks those lights need to "come on down!"

Things didn't quite go as planned on "The Price is Right" Friday. After a contestant won a game, Drew Carey was just trying to throw to commercial break when model Amber Lancaster accidentally backed into the set, smashing light bulbs in the process.

Lancaster says she's going to "die of embarrassment" from the fail, but the model shouldn't feel too bad. It's not like she gave away a car or anything. You know, like her co-worker Manuela Arbeláez did last year.

Yeah ... Manuela, that's probably going to stick around for a while.

"The Price is Right" airs weekdays at 11:00 a.m. ET on CBS.

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