This 'Pride And Prejudice' Proposal Will Make You Swoon

This 'Pride And Prejudice' Proposal Will Make You Swoon

Bookworms and hopeless romantics everywhere have long dreamed about their very own Mr. Darcy, coming in to fill their lives with banter, sexual tension and dashing good looks. Well, now that dream has become a reality for one woman whose boyfriend popped the question in a Pride and Prejudice-themed proposal.

Bride-to-be Bethany Albert posted the pictures to Reddit on Friday. And this wasn't any old proposal: Albert's boyfriend enlisted the help of her entire family to reenact the proposal scene at the end of Jane Austen's classic book -- costumes and all.

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pride and prejudice

In the post, Albert explains that her mother sewed all the period-piece dresses and that her family and now-fiancé rehearsed in secret. The whole thing took about 30 minutes to complete. Spoiler alert: she said "Yes!"

Check out the entire proposal album below. And watch this scene of Mr. Darcy looking hot walking across a field in the 2005 film.

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