Here's A Great Way To Explain LGBTQ Pride Month To Kids

Annnnnd a fun song!

Happy LGBTQ Pride month, kids!

The latest video from one of our favorite LGBTQ web series for children, “Queer Kid Stuff,” leads off the project’s two-part special for Pride 2017.

This week’s episode opens up the discussion about what Pride is with a catchy little ditty and the follow-up clip, due later this month, will focus on the history of Pride.

“We’re kicking things off with a brand new song that looks at perseverance in the face of fear and taking pride in yourself and your community,” Queer Kid Stuff creator and star Lindsay Amer told HuffPost. “Pride gives us a chance to celebrate and be ourselves while still acknowledging the huge struggle we’ve all gone through to get here. I hope this song (written by the incredibly talented Amanda D’Archangelis) captures that.”

“Queer Kid Stuff” is a bi-monthly web series that breaks down LGBTQ experiences and themes for children in ways that are accessible, educational and ― most importantly ― fun!

Missed the previous episodes? Head here to check them out.

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