Vintage Soviet Propaganda Gets An Incredible LGBT Makeover

Vintage Soviet Propaganda Gets An Incredible LGBT Makeover

All eyes are on Russia, the post-Soviet country that won the Olympic lottery and is currently playing host to the world's most skilled winter athletes. With this attention has come the cold realization that the country's legal system viciously promotes anti-LGBT views, making it nearly impossible for individuals in "non-traditional" relationships to pursue the rights held by other citizens.

In a fantastic effort to combat homophobic attitudes in Russia, a tumblr by the name of Pride Propaganda is transforming vintage Soviet posters into rainbow shows of support. The familiar images of Young Pioneers, strong working men and loyal mothers take on entirely new meanings when cloaked in the vibrant colors we've come to associate with the global pride movement.

Behold, the beauty of #PridePropaganda.










Pride Propaganda encourages supporters to share the posters with the hashtag #PridePropaganda. For another brilliant show of pride, check out Animal New York's Medal Count website, which couples Olympic statistics with a scrolling feed of LGBT-related news.

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