'Primates Of Park Avenue' Author Wednesday Martin: 'Wife Bonus' Controversy Is Rooted In Sexism

'Primates Of Park Avenue' Author: 'Wife Bonus' Controversy Rooted In Sexism

For many Upper East Side housewives, participating in the requisite charity, shopping and grooming rituals is afforded through a "wife bonus," a yearly allowance awarded to them by their high-earning husbands. At least, that's what Wednesday Martin claims in her recently released book Primates of Park Avenue, an anthropological memoir chronicling her own six years residing in one of Manhattan's most well-to-do neighborhoods.

After publishing pieces on the premise of a "wife bonus" for the New York Times and HuffPost earlier this year, the term made its way into the zeitgeist, and backlash towards Martin ensued. In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, she speculated that the term "kind of triggered people" for sexist reasons.

"I think there's an intense voyeurism about the wealthy, and then I wrote a piece for Huffington Post about this collective cultural trend right now, [where] people really pile on rich women," Martin told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "I think it's one of the last places where we're allowed to be misogynists in our culture, is to judge rich women."

For some, the impression may have been based on headline alone, titled in the Times as "Poor Little Rich Women" and HuffPost as "The New Misogyny: Taking Aim at the Women of the One." Martin is hopeful some of those opinions changed upon further exploration.

"I think maybe because of the title of the piece, it hooked into people's judgement in way that it didn't sustain if they read the whole piece or they read my book," she said.

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