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Prime Burger In Midtown To Close After 74 Years In Business (VIDEO)

In a city where $175 can get you a burger topped with decadent flecks of gold leaves, Prime Burger in Midtown has proven to be a classic mainstay serving up the best of what New Yorkers crave without the overdone fuss.

"Until time travel becomes feasible," New York magazine writes, "there’s always Primeburger."

Now Eater has news the beloved burger joint is closing after a stellar 74 years in business because the building is reportedly being sold.

While the exact date of its shuttering has yet to be identified, rumors are swirling it could be as soon as this upcoming Saturday. The restaurant tells HuffPost that it's not sure when it will be closing, either, but that it will be closing.

The legendary restaurant was known to attract the likes of Hollywood greats including Sammy Davis Jr. and Rita Hayworth and in 2004, a prestigious James Beard award was bestowed onto Prime Burger for being one of the country's best classic restaurants.

Following the news, Jeremiah Moss, chronicler of all things Vanishing, had this to say:

Oh God no, not Prime Burger! Please!

— jeremiah moss (@jeremoss) May 21, 2012

Two filmmakers recently captured the greatness of this old New York staple, where longtime employees truly belonged to a family and treated the restaurant as a second home.

Watch below for the burger magic:

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