Primrose, Premature Baby Donkey, Wears Adorable Pink Casts Until Legs Are Strong Enough (VIDEO)

Primrose, a donkey born at the Bind Equine Veterinary Practice in Bridgnorth, Shropshire in the United Kingdom, was born so premature she required casts be placed on her front legs until they developed more, ITV News reports.

Luckily, the bright pink casts are as helpful as they are adorable.

“Primrose couldn’t stand or walk very well. She’s been wearing the casts for a week," equine vet Kate Maxwell told the Daily and Sunday Express of the foal. “Because her legs are bowed, her knee bones would be crushed under the weight. But we hope in 10 days time the casts can come off and she will have made a full recovery.”

According to New Zealand blog Horsetalk, the casts haven't kept Primrose from enjoying life. Her energetic gallops have made her popular with vistors.

Although it's sad when animals require medical attention, sometimes bandages have the tendency to make baby animals even cuter.

In March, two orphan baby sloths won the hearts of thousands when they were swaddled in "onsie" bandages after suffering from a nasty case of mange -- a skin infection caused by parasitic mites. The bandages kept the animals from licking off the balm made of lard and sulfer, which kills the mites.

Earlier this year, the Associated Press reported that hundreds of donkeys were abandoned by farmers struggling because of the drought. To learn more about helping donkeys, visit Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.


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