Color Photography In Russia: 'Primrose' Exhibit Features Amazing Vintage Snapshots Of The Motherland (PHOTOS)

It wasn't too long ago that we discovered the saturated beauty of early Russian photography, thanks to a compilation of images by 20th century artist Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii. One look at Foam gallery's upcoming exhibit, "Primrose: Color Photography in Russia," and we are excited to say that there is more where Prokudin-Gorskii came from.

color photography in russia
Yelena Mrozovskaya, "Portrait of girl in Little Russia costume," Saint Petersburg, 1900s, Gelatine silver print, painting, Collection of Moscow House of Photography Museum © Moscow House of Photography Museum

Named after the many-colored primrose flower, the exhibit features the work of various Russian photographers who attempted to produce some of the first color images seen in the country. Included in the bunch are artists like Ivan Shagin, Alexander Rodchenko and Boris Mikahilov, whose work portrays the vintage postcard landscapes of yesteryear in pristine, polychromatic wonder.

Dating back to the 1850s, the array of portraits and journalistic shots showcase the significance of color photography as a trend throughout Imperial and Soviet Russia. Using a traditional coloring effect mastered by craftsmen and chemists alike, the results of their efforts still bleed with color today.

Scroll through the slideshow of images below and let us know what you think of these pre-Instagram artworks in the comments section.

Primrose: Color Photography in Russia