Prince - Before They Were Dead

Sex icon, musical genius, boundary pusher, Jehova's Witness, muse to Dave Chapelle: the artist formerly and posthumously known as Prince is an unrivalled musical icon. With the April 21st passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, the world lost a prolific and at times controversial virtuoso multi-instrumentalist.

Prince will forever be immortalized for his deep and genre-bending catalog of music, dazzling live performances, and leaves behind countless stories that blur fact and fiction. The latest in an unfortunate string of noteworthy celebrity deaths, Prince is the most recent personality to be featured by Michael McCrudden as part of his ongoing 'Before They Were Dead' series.

Rock on and rest in peace, Prince.


Michael McCrudden is an accomplished Canadian writer, producer, and actor. He has worked in the entertainment industry since his youth, and has grown to become a familiar face in Canadian media. After years of working in television, he hosted and wrote for YouTube channels like InformOverload & i.O.Trendz. But when a desire to produce original content took over, Michael launched his own channel in 2015. He is the creator and host of the popular YouTube series 'Before They Were Famous', 'After They Were Famous', and 'Before They Were Dead.

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