Prince Carl-Philip Attacked Outside Nightclub In Cannes (VIDEO)

WATCH: Swedish Prince Carl-Philip Attacked Outside Nightclub In Cannes

We have a special appreciation for the glamour of royals since it's a concept we're not as familiar with here in America. But we do speak scandal fluently, so we were pretty engrossed in Sweden's latest royal mishap: Prince Carl-Philip got into a full-blown brawl outside a bar in Cannes.

A royal in a physical fight? Well, not exactly. The "playboy" prince was allegedly attacked outside the club Baoli at 3 am by three men. The unprovoked attack was caught on video by a witness' cell phone, and it features the third in line to the Swedish throne getting slapped across the face.

His girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist, a former glamour model and reality star, got involved in the brawl to protect the prince. Luckily, the 33-year-old royal made it out of the incident with no injuries. According to the Examiner, the Royal Court released this statement:

Prince Carl Philip was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a stranger while with a companion on the night of August 11th outside a club in Cannes, France. The prince feels fine under the circumstances and has not received any injuries from the incident.

The only son of the king and queen is no stranger to tabloids, sparking disapproving gossip with his relationship to Ms. Hellqvist (before dating the prince, she was known for posing topless, staring in the reality show "Paradise Hotel" and kissing porn star Jenna Jameson). Even though the king and queen have accepted this relationship publicly, Prince Carl-Philip still garners criticism for his party lifestyle. We're sure this latest incident isn't going to help his public image.

Watch the shocking footage of Prince Carl-Philip getting attacked in Cannes:

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