Nearly Half Of Britain Would Want Prince Charles To Abdicate: Survey

The Prince of Wales is first in line for the throne, but not in peoples' hearts, apparently.

Prince Charles wouldn’t exactly be the people’s choice to become the next king, according to a new poll in The Independent.

A surprising 46 percent said they would want the heir apparent to abdicate immediately to allow Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, to take the crown in the event of Queen Elizabeth’s demise. Of that number, 27 percent expressed “strong support” for William to assume the monarch’s post with an additional 19 percent claiming they would “somewhat support” the plan.

Charles’ second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, wasn’t getting much love either. Just 20 percent of the 1,508 questioned believed she should take the title of queen if the two ascended to the top of the royal chain.

But of course the line of succession isn’t a popularity contest. If that were so, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, might be the next king.

The queen seems to be going strong at age 92, so the 70-year-old Charles, who’s been waiting his turn longer than anyone in British royal history, may have to wait a while more to become king.

And we doubt any survey would get in the way.