Prince Charles and Robert Redford Together for the World Premiere Screening of Harmony

As we write from London, we confess that as filmmakers it doesn't get much better than this: the Sundance Institute announcement that HRH The Prince of Wales will introduce the World Theatrical Premiere of our film Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales, at the first-ever Sundance London film and music festival on the 28th of April at London's 02.

And that Robert Redford will introduce The Prince of Wales.

There's also a great connection, between these two men. Both have put themselves on the line for causes they believe in. Both are champions of the environment. And both have sought to bring people together and make connections between how we see the world and how we live our lives. From making films to building cities, from defending the environment to giving voice to perspectives that are often groundbreaking, ideas that sometimes push us out of our comfort zone -- but too often don't get a chance to be heard. Both have sounded the alarm about the damage we are doing to our planet, while at the same time pointing us toward practical and real-world solutions.

In his press conference to open the Festival, Robert Redford talked about why he wanted to screen the movie at the festival:

"HRH The Prince of Wales and I share a dedication to preserving the environment and to identifying innovative and yet realistic ways to do so. This important film showcases his diligence, passion and achievement, which include his efforts to amplify the work of social innovators on the front lines of change the world over. In this wonderful journey he shows us what can be an inspired future... Working together seemed like a natural fit."

When we began production on Harmony, people would understandably ask us about 'The Prince.' But as he insisted all along, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World has never been about 'The Prince,' but really about 'The Principles.'

See the film trailer at:

It's difficult to adequately describe what it has been like the having the opportunity to work with HRH The Prince of Wales. But this experience has allowed us to tell stories about all kinds of people The Prince has been connected with for the better part of three decades -- from business leaders and environmental activists to farmers, doctors, artists, architects, builders, indigenous people and government officials. They are challenging conventional wisdom, creating new sustainable technologies and forging a deeper and more spiritual relationship with the natural world.

The title of the film Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World (which is also the title of The Prince of Wales's companion book) may sound like an idyllic view of how the world could be. It's not. As filmmakers, we hope we captured the urgent, hopeful practicality of HRH's worldview -- that sees the connections in all aspects of our lives.

Making Harmony shifted our world-view, and we hope viewers will experience some of that when they watch the movie. After the Sundance Festival premiere, we look forward to screening the film in theaters, on television and at film festivals around the globe. And to put the project to use for those who are already forging new paths and looking for ways to live in Harmony with our planet and each other.

In so many ways the commitment of Robert Redford and Prince Charles offers us as harmonious a way to send this film out into the world as we ever could have imagined.

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