Prince Charles' Craziest Ties Of 2011 (PHOTOS)

Prince Charles was in the Clarence House Garden today to present operational medals to servicemen and women of Commando Helicopter Force in London today.

What we noticed immediately while squinting at the photos was the Prince's wild zig-zagged black and white tie. Is that Missoni? Regardless, we're digging it.

Although Charles said this year that his style only changes once ever 25 years, it turns out that as Charles and Camilla jet-setted to places like Tanzania, Morocco and South Africa in 2011, the prince always donned a vivd, unforgettable tie to match his classic 3-piece suits.

Take a look at Charles' zigzag tie from today, and also, a look back at Prince Charles' craziest ties of 2011 in our slideshow below. (He also loves that top hat!)