Home Near Prince's Estate Turns Christmas Lights Into 'Purple Rain' Tribute

A holiday tribute to an iconic artist.

A Minnesota home not far from Prince’s famed Paisley Park estate is paying tribute to the Purple One... with some purple lights. 

The Staudt family home in Chaska, known for its annual display, is showing a special “Purple Rain” light show as an intermission between sets of mostly Christmas music:

Prince’s passing meant so much to our community that we decided to do a short dedication during the intermission of our Christmas light show to honor him,” Mike Staudt told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “We’ve received compliments on this part of our show and a few people have even mention it made them teary-eyed.”

Prince died in April at the age of 57.

Check out the “Lights on Pascolo” intermission tribute to Prince above, and the full show ― which runs nearly 15 minutes ― below:


(h/t Mashable)

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