'SNL' Alum Releases Never-Before-Seen Video Of Prince Performance At 40th Anniversary Party

"Dearly inebriated."

When "Saturday Night Live" celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, there was the show that millions around the U.S. watched, and then there was the after-party, open only to the who’s who of showbiz.

Among the few details that leaked about the bash at New York City’s Plaza Hotel was that Prince put on a knockout show, with backing from Jimmy Fallon, Bill Murray, Emma Stone, Chris Rock, members of HAIM, Martin Short, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jim Carrey and more.

Fallon, who said Dave Chappelle encouraged him to invite Prince onto the stage, recalled the epic session a day later on "The Tonight Show." 

"All of a sudden, the crowd parts and there’s purple smoke and the dude, just floating toward the stage," Fallon said.

With guitar in hand, Prince addressed the crowd -- "Dearly inebriated ..." -- and proceeded to set the place on fire with "Let’s Go Crazy," flanked by 3rdEyeGirl and celebrities.

"The whole place came alive," Questlove added. "Jay Z, Rihanna, everybody ran to the stage. It was a mosh pit of celebrities."

"It was one of the best nights of my whole entire life," Fallon said.

But it wasn’t until two days after the death of the music icon that footage of the full performance surfaced. Former SNL cast member Tim Kazurinsky shared the incredible video that he shot while “standing on his tiptoes.” Even so, the video is epic, and another great memory of an artist who meant so much to many.

On Saturday, "SNL" paid tribute to Prince with a 90-minute special, “Goodnight, Sweet Prince,” featuring clips of his many appearances on SNL over the years.



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