Prince George's County To Lose Water During Hottest Week Of The Year

Some D.C. suburbs will find themselves without water during the hottest week of the year, according to the Washington Post.

A water main break in the county will force authorities to shut-off water supplies for as many as four days to Prince George's County residents who live along the southern edge of the Maryland-D.C. border. Unfortunately for county residents, the water shut off coincides with temperatures in the 90s and heat index ratings above 100 degrees.

Some of the areas to be affected by the shut-off include Morningside, Hillcrest Heights, Camp Springs, Forest Heights, Temple Hills and Oxon Hill.

In this map, courtesy of WJLA, the areas are those that will be affected by the water restrictions are in red.prince georges county water emergency

According to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, the agency began to see signs of a water main break on Friday and found that the pipe that will be repaired during the shut-down seems to be failing. Water restrictions would go into affect Tuesday at 9 p.m., WJLA reports.

WSSC officials are warning county residents and urging them to make sure they have an adequate supply of water considering the heat.

"We are asking people to fill up, go to stores, try to get water any way they can" and to "to use it judiciously," WSSC spokesman Jim Neustadt told the Washington Post.

Summer water restrictions can be dangerous but are not unprecedented. A similar situation caused a water shut-down in Potomac, Md. when a pipe broke during the Fourth of July weekend in 2010.



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