Prince Doesn't Want Anyone Touching His Hair (VIDEO)

Whether your hair is curly or straight, natural or processed or braided, most black people agree that they don’t appreciate strangers touching it. The conversation surrounding this cultural phenomenon of textual curiosity is one that often remains attached to racial stigmas.

Prince is among those who find unwarranted interactions with their hair offensive and intrusive. The world-renowned singer sported an Afro on the "Arsenio Hall Show" this past Wednesday, where he debuted his new song "Funknroll,” and humored the audience with a Q&A session. When asked about his pet peeve, Prince smiled before answering, “strangers touching my hair.” The crowd broke into an uproar of applause and laughter as he mimed silly hand gestures of someone doing exactly that, before playfully balling his hand into a defensive fist.

Prince’s answer was funny in the context of the show, but the discussion of black people’s hair and respect of the personal space surrounding it is a serious topic in the black community. Chris Rock made the documentary "Good Hair" about it in 2009, featuring strong opinions of countless black celebrities, hair dressers and their customers.

PSA: If it's not yours, don't touch it!

Check out Prince explaining his pet peeve in the clip above. And let us know how you feel about people touching your hair in the comments section below.



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