Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Goof Off In Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Video

They’re just like us! (Almost.)

After announcing their engagement on Monday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down for their first joint interview together with the BBC.

Between talking about their future plans for children and Markle’s plan to leave acting behind, the two goofed off with each other. A behind-the-scenes video (that regrettably doesn’t contain sound) captured the couple’s adorable outtakes.

Check out their funny faces:

The two did appear like any other couple in the clip and even talked about their “typical” proposal ― which happened at home while they tried to roast a chicken.

Mishal Husain, who interviewed the couple for the BBC special, later spoke about sitting down with the two, who seem “very much in love.

“You can see the bond between them, it’s there in the body language,” Husain said. “I also was really struck that this is a couple who had to decide really early on in their relationship whether or not this has potential.”

Watch the rest of the couple’s interview with the BBC here.