Prince Harry's Colorado Trip: Missy Franklin's Best Birthday Gift Ever? (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Prince Harry Is One Athlete's 18th Birthday Present

When we turned 18, we got a really pretty pair of earrings for our birthday. Can you imagine what it must be like to get a PRINCE as your gift instead?!

After melting hearts in Washington, D.C., our beloved Prince Harry traveled to Sedalia, Colorado, the next stop along his US tour. Harry's headed to Colorado Springs to cheer on veterans during this weekend's Warrior Games, but he managed to squeeze in a visit to Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin on her 18th birthday. Harry even joined revelers in singing "Happy Birthday."

"And the perfect way to end my 18th birthday!? Meeting Prince Harry! It was a honor meeting him and I had a blast as always," Missy wrote on Instagram. Best present ever? We sure think so.

Harry's headed to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut next week, so be sure to plan your birthday parties accordingly. We'll keep you updated on the prince's travels. In the meantime, live vicariously through Missy in the photos below!


prince harry colorado

prince harry colorado

prince harry colorado

America looks good on Harry:

Prince Harry Visits The United States - Day One

Prince Harry Visits The United States

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