Prince Harry's Elizabeth Arden Face Cream Is A Necessity During His South Pole Trek

Even Prince Harry Uses Elizabeth Arden Face Cream

Even royal skin isn't immune to the effects of harsh winter weather.

Just ask Prince Harry, who's currently trekking in arctic conditions for the Walking With The Wounded Allied Challenge to the South Pole. Fortunately, the dashing royal is armed with some potent face cream. According to The Telegraph, Harry and the rest of his 2013 Allied Challenge team have been sent Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, per polar guide Conrad Dickinson's request.

We're sure plenty of ladies will be glad that Harry's protecting his handsome mug -- after all, he is racing in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and such dry, cold conditions can't be good for the redhead's delicate fair skin. Plus, Elizabeth Arden's cream has become a staple in beauty cabinets for the past 70 years, so kudos to Harry for opting for such a cult beauty item.

But the most obvious reason Harry needs such a powerful moisturizer? To maintain his new beard. (Duh.)

How could you not want to protect that face?

May 2013

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