Prince Harry Falls In A Pool Whilst Partying In Croatia (VIDEO)

The "Today" Show brightened our morning with this ridiculous clip of Prince Harry dancing goofily in a Croatian nightclub... and falling in a pool whilst doing so.

The video below shows the grainy footage and, naturally, passes all sorts of judgement.

Neil Sean, NBC's "Royal Commentator" (which, by the way, should totally be our job), says with deadpan authority, "Any girl looking at that sort of footage would think, 'Do I really want to marry somebody who's such a bad dancer?'"

Well, for one, yes: Prince Harry is still a prince, right? And we still get to be a princess, right? Done and done.

Secondly, many women can attest to their partners' horrible dance moves (and their own, for that matter). If women didn't marry men who were bad dancers, there'd be a lot more single guys trolling around.

Plus Prince Harry has been quite the down-to-earth gentleman lately, what with his recent good welfare visits and his upcoming military training trip to the United States.

The prince is even winning favor with his budget-friendly ways -- on this trip to Croatia, the royal took a budget EasyJet flight for at least his second time this summer. Harry's also saving by recycling his outfits, as his Croatian nightclub wear looks remarkably similar to the Canadian tuxedo he donned after cousin Zara Phillip's wedding.

Because that look was totally worth wearing twice.