Michelle Obama Gave Prince Harry A Leather Jacket Because She's Hip Like That

Lest you think Prince Harry left the US empty-handed after his June 2013 trip, our politicos made sure the young royal got some good swag.

First Lady Michelle Obama gave Harry a brown leather flying jacket, according to official documents detailing his overseas gifts for 2013. The Clarence House records also reveal that Harry received a fleece jacket from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (but there's photographic evidence of that). The 29-year-old also picked up four baseball caps and a t-shirt from various "individuals" while stateside.

Since we're not 100 percent sure how FLOTUS' gift looked, we can only assume it closely resembled President Obama's "Top Gun"-esque bomber from last election's campaign trail. Or maybe Michelle got Harry one to match Obama's sleek brown leather jacket -- the woman has good taste, after all.

We're pretty proud that the US made sure Harry got some fashionable loot to take back to Britain. Perhaps that'll convince him to return to his adoring American fans soon...

Remember what a little flirt he was?

Flirting With Prince Harry...

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