Prince Harry's Greenwich Polo Match Is Causing Quite The Ruckus

Prince Harry's Greenwich Polo Match Is Causing Quite The Ruckus

We got pretty excited at the news of Prince Harry's trip to the states, but we had no idea that Connecticut's upper crust would get their Ralph Lauren undies in a twist over the news.

In a subtly hilarious piece for the New York Times, Laura M. Holson describes the fervor surrounding the British royal's upcoming visit to Greenwich, Connecticut. Harry is set to play in a polo match (swoon) for his Lesotho charity on Wednesday, and scoring tickets to the big event is proving harder than getting backstage at a One Direction concert.

The guest list is a tight squeeze with a mere 400 tickets; the media will be out in full-force with 200 journalists in attendance. Surprisingly, the "celebs" that will be there seem a little lackluster: model Karolina Kurkova, socialite Olivia Palermo and Dawn Jones, Tommy Lee Jones' wife.

But that's no matter. Connecticut's elite have reportedly been clamoring for tickets to the match, reaching out to any possible "in," from relevant charity organizations to journalist acquaintances. “We’ve gotten calls to be a flag boy,” Peter Brant, founder of the Greenwich Polo Club, told the Times. “I don’t think anyone sees Prince Harry all the time on the social circuit.”

Actually, we have seen quite a bit of Harry out on the town recently (not personally, of course). The 28-year-old's been busy entertaining his new rumored girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, clubbing in London and hitting up the slopes in Switzerland. This trip to the states, however, is obviously a much more formal affair -- and doesn't include his blonde paramour.

Let's just hope that things don't turn out the same way as last time Harry crossed the pond (do we even have to clarify what we're talking about?). Oh, and hopefully the folks in Greenwich will all play nice come next Wednesday.

Who needs a ticket?

May 1990

Prince Harry: A Life In Polo

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