Prince Harry Has A Twin, And It's Justin Trudeau's Photographer

You won't believe your eyes.

We’re seeing double!

It turns out Prince Harry has a look-alke, and he’s Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s photographer. The prime minister helped play up the similarities between the two while the royal is in Toronto for the Invictus Games this week.

While Trudeau and his photographer, Adam Scotti, were leaving a hotel, fans waiting outside mistook Scotti’s red hair, scruff and similar build for Prince Harry.

When fans began shouting to get the royal’s attention, Trudeau pointed to his photographer and encouraged more cheering, while Scotti waved and pretended to be the prince:

The two actually do look a lot alike, as seen in this photo they took last year:

People on Twitter had a lot of fun with the comparison:

And Scotti seemed to have fun with it as well:

While Scotti enjoyed his few minutes of fame, the real royal has been busy with the Invictus Games, sitting down with Melania Trump and visiting his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, on the set of her TV show, “Suits.” He’s so busy, it seems like he might need to use Scotti as a stand-in!