Prince Harry Talks Kate Middleton, Best Man Speech, Reveals William Would Have Wed Earlier (VIDEO)

Prince Harry: We All Thought William Would Never Get Married

"Good Morning America" caught up with Prince Harry, currently trekking in Norway, to talk Kate Middleton and the upcoming royal wedding. Harry remarked, "To have a big sister is very, very nice. Over the years...I've got to know Kate pretty well, but now that she's been coming to the family, I'm looking forward to getting her under my wing." He added, "She's a fantastic girl. My brother is very lucky and she's very lucky to find my brother. I think that the two of them are a perfect match."

When asked about keeping his late mother in mind during the festivities, Harry said, "There will be myself, my brother and my father, there will be all sorts of people, the rest of the family that will be, no doubt, thinking about it. Hopefully, you know, she'd be very, very proud that the big day has come. We all thought that it was never going to happen for him. But it has happened and I think everyone's going to be really proud of him. And it's a big deal. It's not just a normal wedding, it's a really big decision for him to bring Kate into the family and there's obviously a huge amount of pressure from the media, the public perception, everything like that. He's done the right thing. He waited and he's done it when he feels right."

Of his best man speech, he revealed, "I haven't written it yet...I think my grandmother will be there, so I'll have to be selective [with what I say]." He totally dodged any Chelsy Davy and stag party questions.

Harry also revealed that Prince Charles is helping Kate pick the music and apparently he told the reporter that William would have gotten married earlier, up to two years ago, if it weren't for the press.

The royal wedding fun begins at 3:30.

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