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Need A Break From Bad News? Watch Prince Harry Hang With Some Cute Kids

For self-care purposes, of course.

Prince Harry surpassed both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as our favorite royal a long time ago, thanks to initiatives like the Invictus Games and getting tested for H.I.V. with Rihanna in Barbados.

But the best Harry sightings happen when he’s shelling out hugs or, as proven by these photos and videos, simply hanging out with a bunch of cute kids.

Harry visited a school in Leicester, England on Tuesday to learn about a program that “uses peer mentors to inspire others in overcoming barriers to learning.” He spent most of that time tugging at our heartstrings.

Watch him jam to the beat during a chorus performance:

And watch as he “strikes a pose,” as Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English wrote:

He even made car noises, for prince’s sake:

And listened on as the kids talked about their dreams for the future:

Overall it looked like a great day for the students and Prince Harry. And in these trying times, it serves as a much-needed break from the many less cute news stories flooding our feeds. Thanks, Harry.