Prince Harry Manspreading Makes Everything Better. Here's Proof.

Sort of.

Prince Harry has impressive beard-growing abilities, uses his royal status to shed light on important issues, and has an unfortunate tendency to manspread.

Manspreading is a wide-legged, space-hogging male phenomenon originally pinpointed on Tumblr but often seen in its most natural habitat on the New York City subway. It's evolved into quite a hot button issue over the years, with the MTA encouraging male passengers to "stop the spread." Think pieces on the topic have examined what exactly is the thought process, if any, behind it (if it's not comfort, the theory goes, it's an "assertion of power.") Even President Obama's been accused of manspreading.

So when the prince himself put on an epic 'spread display during tea with first lady Michelle Obama in June, needless to say, the Internet noticed. When it happened again during his trip to the United States on Wednesday, well, let's just say our imagination started to do some spreading of its own.

Here are seven "real life" situations made a little bit better by Prince Harry and his manspread. Each of them is definitely to scale.

Sitting on a bench:

Taking in the majestic Grand Canyon:

Riding a horse:

Crossing the Delaware River:

Enjoying some gymnastics:

Listening to Michelle Obama's speech ("His spread is THIS big!"):

And of course, riding the subway:

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