Adorable Toddler 'Steals' Prince Harry's Popcorn And All Our Hearts


This adorable toddler couldn’t care less about royal protocol.

She swooped in to steal Prince Harry’s popcorn when he wasn’t looking at the Invictus Games in Toronto on Wednesday night.

The 2-year-old, called Emily, repeatedly raided the British royal’s snack as he was talking to the man next to him in the crowd during the sitting volleyball semi-final game between the United Kingdom and Denmark.

It was almost a minute before the distracted prince realized what was going on.

He then playfully teased the little girl, who is the daughter of his friend British Paralympian David Henson and was sat on her mother Hayley’s lap, before pulling a series of amusing expressions in her direction.

Video of the charming encounter soon went viral.

Although some people have speculated that Harry was aware of the girl’s antics the entire time, the incident cheered many people on Twitter: