Prince Harry Thrown From Horse During Polo Match (VIDEO)

Prince Harry was thrown from his horse during a charity polo match in Barbados, causing the royal to throw a slight tantrum as he helped raise money for his African children's charity.

Harry was making a tight right hand turn on his pony which proved to be slightly too tight as the horse's legs gave way causing the animal to fall over. While unharmed by the fall, the royal did get up and throw his mallet in anger.

After the match Prince Harry discussed his reaction:

"I'm a bit sore but it was all for a good cause so it was worthwhile in the end.

Basically the horse slipped from underneath me, which does happen occasionally and is a bit unfortunate.

According to the London Times, Prince Harry had been offered 30,000 pounds in return for staying on his horse by a mystery businessman. When he was thrown off, Prince Harry feared he had lost the money. "When I fell off, I threw down my mallet and shouted 'What a waste of 100,000 (Barbados dollars)'. I was furious with myself," he told Sky News.

Thankfully, the businessman ended up donating the money anyway.