Prince Harry's Kidnapping Depicted In UK Documentary (VIDEO)

A new drama-documentary featuring a mock Afghan kidnapping of Prince Harry is set to debut on UK TV tonight despite infuriating British military officials, according to reports.

London's Channel 4 will air "The Taking of Prince Harry," which features actor Sebastian Reid as the 26-year-old prince. In one scene, Reid depicts Harry being held by Taliban militants, while in another, an unloaded gun is pointed in his face while the trigger is pulled.

Though Sir Jock Stirrup, the head of Britain's armed forces, reportedly sent a written plea requesting the program be dropped, Channel 4 officials say the broadcast will go ahead as planned. "What this program does is ask, in a rather serious way, whether we're doing enough to protect...high value targets when they go out there to the front," Hamish Mykura, Channel 4's head of documentaries, told CBS.

As for Harry, who served in Afghanistan for 10 weeks in 2008, he is said to be amused by the program, though more concerned about the actor portraying him than its overall content.

Watch CBS's full report, including scenes from the Prince Harry documentary, here: