A Prince Tribute Bloomed And Gave The Late Singer The Crown He Deserves

The bush behind a Sacramento mural of the musician exploded with flowers and people loved it.

When the bush located behind a stunning mural dedicated to Prince began to bloom on Sunday, the musician received a posthumous crown fit for a king.

Sacramento, California-based artist Christine Stein created a mural to commemorate Prince that’s been in the front yard of her home for the last two years.

The mural took on new life on Easter Sunday when the bush just behind Stein’s mural flowered rapidly. Stein told Sacramento news station KCRA 3 that she didn’t even know the bush had flowers and that “someone accidentally dropped mulch in front of the mural, bringing extra nutrients to her yard.”

“Sometimes it snows in April,” she told the station. “Sometimes it blooms in hope.”

Stein wasn’t the only one pleased about the blossoming tribute to the “When Doves Cry” singer. Many on social media were touched by the serendipitous appearance of fresh flowers:

As for how big Stein plans to let the “crown” grow, it doesn’t seem like she’ll be cutting it anytime soon. Apparently, the flowers brought lots of bees. She told one person on Twitter that when she went to cut the bush and spotted the buzzing insects, she said “nope!”

Regardless of how big it gets, the tribute will surely only continue to be glorious. Kudos to you, Christine, and R.I.P. Prince.

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