Prince 'NewsNation' Theme Song: Singer Records Opener For Tamron Hall's New MSNBC Show (VIDEO)

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Having the appropriate musical opener has always played a vital role in television shows. Luckily for NBC’s national correspondent, Tamron Hall, one of her fans recently crafted a new tune for her daily MSNBC show, “NewsNation with Tamron Hall.” It just so happens that the fan is none other than Prince!

Hall announced Thursday during TODAY show’s “Take Three” segment that the iconic musician was in the process of recording the track before changing its title.

“The song’s title originally was ‘Seventeen’ and then Prince decided to change the name of the song to the ‘NewsNation’ theme song,“ the Texas-native revealed.

“Prince is a news junkie. He is incredible. He’s the most thoughtful person. He’s engaged with what’s going on in the world, and so it evolved into this amazing opportunity for me to have this song. It blew me away when I got the email … he’s just the coolest person in the world.” Hall went on to add that the exclusive track will be available to the show for the next six months.

Check out the theme song (at the 6:56 mark) in the clip above.



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