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11 Reasons Why We Adore Prince

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to pay homage to Prince.

We've been enamored with the music icon ever since we watched the film "Purple Rain." Wearing frilly tops, hip-hugging bell-bottoms and loads of black eyeliner, Prince pours as much passion into his style as he does into his records.

With The Purple One still selling out shows and cranking out moody ballads, he will teach a new legion of fans his funky melodies and fashions. So, in honor of Prince's 56th birthday today (June 7), here are 11 reasons why we adore him.

1. He returned to his roots (literally!) and brought back the Afro.

2. He can still rock a blowout better than our mamas. Just sayin'.

3. He poses for "usies" like this, proving he does his own makeup.

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4. His head scarf game is proper. Rain? Ain't nobody got time for that!

5. He can give Tyra Banks a run for her money when it comes to smizing.

6. He knows the easiest way to tame baby hairs is to slick it back with some good ol' spit.

7. He keeps it sexy even when it's bath time.

8. He can wear a white blouse better than anyone we know.

9. He can also keep it basic with black and white. But, don't get it twisted, there's nothing basic about his style.

10. He knows endless ways to wear lace.

11. He knows how to make an entrance… and exit.

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