Prince Drops Surprise Album Just In Time For The Holidays

The artist who will always be known as AMAZING.

Um, happy holidays: Prince just dropped a surprise album. 

Following September's "HITNRUN phase one," the artist released "HITNRUN phase two" on Saturday over on Tidal. The track list features 12 titles including "Baltimore," written after the death of Freddie Gray.

Prince announced the news on Twitter: 

In case you haven't added it all up, the world has now given us -- just this summer and fall -- one Prince album, Beyoncé recreating Prince's "Darling Nikki" to be about Nicki Minaj, and now, another Prince album. 

Please stuff all your stockings (and other season gift holders) with Prince.

To check out "HITNRUN phase two," head over to Tidal. 

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