Prince William and Kate Add Black Rhinos to the Royal Wedding

Kudos to Prince William and his lovely bride to be, Kate Middleton. Not only are they having the wedding of the year on April 29, 2011, lined with all the pomp and prestige that anyone could ever want, but they have not forgotten about those outside the party, including all the animals that depend on human intervention for their mere survival.

The Prince and his bride have established a fund in place of gifts that will go towards the Zoological Society of London, one of 26 charities that William and Kate selected personally. They are asking that anyone who would like to offer a gift, give the gift of charity to any one of their charities in order to bring awareness, and support to those that don't always get the spotlight during other times of the year.

The Zoological Society has work in Kenya that strives to save critically endangered black rhinos there. Black rhinos are a prize for hunters as their horns are considered to be in high demand on the black market. Poachers will take the life of this beautiful creature, all for the sake of their horn, leaving all else behind. Captive breeding is proving successful, but without the help of people like William and Kate, their future is doubtful.

Another project of the Zoological Society includes their work with the wild elephants in Thailand. Elephants are finding their territories growing smaller and smaller as cities close in around them. Without the efforts of groups like the Zoological Society of London, the remaining 3,500 wild elephants are facing a bleak future.

Belinda Stewart-Cox, network director of the society stated; "The gift would help ensure we really make a difference to the lives of these amazing animals and the villagers who accommodate them."

Donations from the Royal Wedding will also go to help preserve tigers around the world, in particular, the Sumatran, Indian and Amur tigers. With only 4,000 tigers in all still roaming the wild, this amazing species is dangerously close to extinction.

If you would like to help support these great charities, or would like to take part in the Royal Wedding, do it in a way that will touch the lives of so many others, send a gift to the Royal Wedding Charity Fund, or contact Wendy Diamond and Lucky through Animal Fair to learn more about it. Together we can make an impact on the world around us, no matter where we live.