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Prince William's Bachelor Party This Weekend: Report

Prince William's bachelor party is reportedly set for this weekend, according to

A royal aide told the tabloid's European Bureau Chief Omid Scobie: "It's top, top secret but the dates have been marked off in the diary and security knows every detail. For privacy reasons we can't reveal locations, but there will be plenty of booze and some legendary activities."

What kinds of legendary activities? Us has no idea, however "Good Morning America" previously speculated that the fete would include speedboats, wake boards and waterskis on the English Channel (isn't it a little cold for that?), followed by a pub crawl at bars only accessible by boat or foot. About 20 guys are expected to be in attendance.

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Prince Harry put together the festivities, along with the brothers' best friend and "bad influence" Guy Pelly. The New York Times tracked down Pelly in February and asked him about the plans:

"I am afraid I cannot comment," he said with a sly grin, followed by a burst of laughter, in reply to the bachelor party question. Mr. Pelly, a veteran of the cat-and-mouse game so furiously played here by reporters trying to squeeze leaks from the royal entourage, is famous for never, ever, betraying his confidences.

One thing that might, kind of, possibly be for sure is an appearance by Snoop Dogg. In November, Mr. Dogg announced that he recorded a song for the occasion and intends to perform it as part of the festivities. You can get down to that here.