Prince William Actually Galloped Like A Horse On TV And The Crowd Loved It

Kate Middleton got a kick out of it, too.

Prince William wasn’t exactly known for horsing around. Until now.

During Tuesday night’s TV airing of the Royal Variety Performance, an annual charity show, William was asked to participate in a bit with host Miranda Hart.

Hart invited one of the children onto the stage to call on the royal ― who was seated in the audience ― to gallop like a horse. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge burst into laughter after hearing the request, and William covered his eyes in embarrassment.

But, good sport that he is, William got up, galloped and laughed the entire way through. The duchess lost it at the comical sight of her husband, as did the rest of the audience.

Watch William gallop in the clip below:

TV viewers clearly loved it as well:

It’s almost as good as the time Prince Harry got Queen Elizabeth to participate in a “mic drop” sketch:

Simply brilliant.

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