Prince's 'Breakfast Can Wait' Video Has Singer Favoring Early-Morning Intimacy Over Pancakes

Prince wants you to know that, if you're feeling kinky early in the morning, breakfast can wait. That's the message in his new video for, well, "Breakfast Can Wait," a song that encourages A.M. risers to embrace their passions.

The video finds a man walking into his girlfriend's kitchen while she's dressed in a Minnie Mouse-inspired French maid's outfit. "The only thing that I’ve been hoping for / Is before you to go to work, babe, we get it on," Prince croons. The 55-year-old singer is nowhere to be seen himself, instead replaced by a female lookalike who strokes a guitar and holds up a pancake mockingly.

Watch the new clip below, and ready yourself for what could result in a new Prince album. But first, remind yourself of the too-good-to-be-true cover art that introduced the single a few months ago.

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