Prince's Ex Wife Mayte Garcia Opens Up About The Loss Of Their Son

"I was broken and I kind of lost hope."

Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia spoke about the loss of their son in an emotional speech at the Single Moms Planet's Single Mom's Awards in Los Angles on Friday. 

The 42-year-old dancer and reality star married Prince in 1996, later that year she and the pop star lost their newborn son, Boy Gregory, to Pfeiffer syndrome. The two formally divorced in 2000.

"When I got married, the idea of starting my own family was at the top of my list," Garcia said in the video above from her Single Mom's Award's speech, recorded by Access Hollywood. "Unfortunately, I got pregnant, lost the baby months later and then lost my marriage. It just wasn't my time yet. After that, I was broken and I kind of lost hope. I basically gave up my dream of becoming a mom."

She then spoke about her time on the reality show "Hollywood Exes," and explained how the show not only helped her work through the loss of her son, but ultimately prompted a woman to reach out to Garcia via Twitter about adopting her baby girl.  

Actress Mayte Garcia attends the Single Mom's Awards with her daughter.
Actress Mayte Garcia attends the Single Mom's Awards with her daughter.

Garcia did briefly mention her marriage to Prince in her speech but quickly explained why she would not be commenting on the recent death of the music legend. 

"As you all know, Prince is no longer with us," she said, beginning to tear up. "It is extremely difficult for me and that is why I have chosen not to discuss it. Thank you for your support and understanding."

Prince was found dead in his Minneapolis home on April 21. He was 57. A day later, Garcia posted a photo of her and Prince on Instagram. 

"I can't even think of the words of what I'm feeling," she wrote in the caption on Instagram. "This man was my everything, we had a family. I am beyond deeply saddened and devastated ... I loved him then, I love him now, and will love him eternally ... He's with our son now."



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